Where to buy PUZZLES

Updated: November 25, 2020

Don't know where to buy puzzles? Which stores have the best price and the most variety? In this post we will show you the list of stores and websites that we usually use to get our puzzles. We hope it helps you!

Our Recommendations



  • Puzzle Locura Online store.
    • Since 2017
    • Address: Avenida del Pesebre, 16. Escaldes - Engordany. Andorra. (AD700)
    • They have many brands, including Bluebird. The prices are very good and several times a year they make offers.
    • The attention is excellent and the shipments are very fast.


  • Planet' Puzzles Online
    • We have made a couple of orders and we have no complaints, it takes a while but it is to be expected considering that it is a French store.
  • Rue des Puzzles Online
    • Only one order was placed and we will not repeat. Both the outer box and several puzzle boxes were in very poor condition. Puzzles of 54 mini pieces were ordered and the boxes arrived open and since the outer box was in poor condition, I found pieces even in the elevator. Poor costumer support.  We DO NOT RECOMMEND.


  • Casa del Puzzle Physical and Online store. Seville
    • Since 2009.
    • Address: Polígono Industrial Recisur. Calle Pie Solo Diez, 5. Alcalá de Guadaira (41500), Seville.
    • On two occasions we have made an order and without any problem. They also usually have good offers.
  • Cuarto de Juegos Physical and Online store. Madrid.
    • Address: Calle Jorge Juan, 42.
    • I have bought several times in the store, where I have found very curious and difficult puzzles.
  • Don Juego Physical and Online store. Madrid.
    • From 1993.
    • Address: Calle Alcalá, 113. Madrid (28009)
    • They have many puzzles to choose from, not only the ones you can see, but also in catalogs. They have a variety of Springbok puzzles.
  • Dr. Panush Physical and Online store. A Coruña.
    • Since 2012.
    • Address: Calle Santiago Rey Fernández Latorre 49 Bajo Dcha. A Coruña (15006)
    • International shipments: To all Europe, personalized orders and with shipping budget. Send email to hola@doctorpanush.com
    • You can also find Pintoo puzzles (the pieces are plastic) and Wentworth (wooden puzzles).
    • They have the brand of wooden puzzles Dr. Panush with images of A Coruña.
    • Other Products: They are also specialized in board games, logic, and puzzle games.
    • You can get a 15% discount on your first purchase (over 50€) using this discount link.
  • El Loco Mundo de los Puzzles Online store.
    • Since 2018
    • In addition to having brands like Cloudberries and Fabio Vettori, they have their own puzzles and make custom puzzles.
    • Other products: Games and also keychains and piggy banks shaped like a puzzle piece.
    • They have a mobile app.
  • J de Juegos Physical and Online store.
    • Since 2001.
    • Address: Calle Menorca, 36. Madrid (28009).
    • Recommended for searching difficult puzzles. They are very friendly and always give me very good recommendations.
  • Juguetes Magín and Puzzles Magín  Online storeBarcelona.
    • Since 2019
    • Shipping: To Spain including Balearic and Canary Islands.
    • International shipping: to all the world.
    • You can find Eurographics and Heye puzzles, and accessories.
    • Here you can find American brands, eeBoo and Art & Fable, and the Portuguese brand, Architoys.
    • Other products: They have construction toys such as Stax and Brikkon (Lego type), and CDX (roller coasters), robots, children's cosmetics, and much more!
  • Puzzle Locura Online store.
    • Since 2017
    • Address: Calle Mossèn Enric MArfany 8. Local 3. Sant Julià de Lòria, Andorra. (AD600)
    • They have many brands, including Bluebird. The prices are excellent, and several times a year they make offers. The attention is excellent, and the shipments are very fast.
  • Puzzlemanía Physical and Online store. Barcelona.
    • Address: Diputación Street, 225 Barcelona (08011)
    • We have bought in store and also online.
    • They have a wide variety of puzzles. When you order online they have a box in case you want the gift puzzles packed (we use it a lot for surprise puzzles).
  • Puzzles, Tu Me Completas Physical and Online store. Malaga.
    • Since 2015.
    • Address: Calle Grilo 21. Málaga (29006)
    • They have a discontinued section where you can find real surprises. They also have a variety of brands, they are very friendly, and the shipments are very fast.
    • You can also find many puzzle games of different types.
  • S Puzzles Online store. Alcobendas
    • Wooden puzzles, handmade and personalized. From mandalas, art, and animal shapes.
  • SinPuzzle Online store. Llinars del Valles, Barcelona
    • Since 2010
    • Shipping: Spanish peninsula, Andorra and Portugal
    • You can find Castorland, Trefl, Educa, Piatnik, Ravensburger, Bluebird, Cobble Hill puzzles, and accessories.
    • Here you can find Otter House and Puzzle Map.
    • Other products: They also have card and board games. 

United Kingdom

  • All Jigsaw Puzzles Online
    • Desde 2001
    • Hacen envíos internacionales
    • Puedes encontrar marcas exclusivas como National Geographics y TJ Maxx
    • Tienen su marca propia de puzzles All Jigsaw Puzzles con artistas como Tim Bulmer y Ricardo Galvão y hacen puzzles personalizados.
    • Since 2001
    • They do international shipments
    • You can find exclusive brands like National Geographics and TJ Maxx
    • They have their own brand of All Jigsaw Puzzles with artists like Tim Bulmer and Ricardo Galvão and they make custom puzzles.

South & Central America


  • La Casa de la Educadora Online and Physical store
    • Since 1970
    • Address: Calle Recreo # 136 Col. del Valle. Benito Juárez. Ciudad de México. CP 03104
    • Pioneers in puzzle importation to Mexico and sponsors of puzzle events.
    • Exclusive distributors of Ravensburger, Heye, Anatolian / Perre, Aquarius, Buffalo Games, Ceaco, D-Toys, Piatnik, Pintoo, Ricordi, Goliath. They also have Trefl and 3d Fascinations.
    • They sell wholesale and retail.
    • Other products: They have board games and teaching materials.
  • Montecassino Online store and 5 physical stores
    • Since 1989
    • Address: 5 physical stores in shopping malls in Mexico City.
    • Sister company of La Casa de la Educadora, managing the same brands and prices.
    • Retailers.