¿Missing a piece? We can help you

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Missing a piece?

March 2, 2020
Author: Jimena G.

What is the worst thing that can happen to you when you are finishing a jigsaw puzzle? Missing a piece. That feeling between anger, panic, frustration and despair ... I'm sure you've felt it. The good part is that most of the time the missing pieces show up ... Keep calm!


The puzzle pieces can be very elusive and usually appear in unexpected places.

  • Look inside the box, sometimes they can stay there. But more importantly, in the bag ... a very frequent place where they get trapped. Tip: I don't throw them until I finish the puzzle, sometimes I have found them in the bag - especially in puzzle contests.
  • Search everywhere in the house where you have been doing the puzzle, you have stored or pasted it. Also the rooms or places where you have been after doing the puzzle. Search among the chairs, couch, on the floor below the place where you made the puzzle.
  • If you have a vacuum and recently used it ... check the bag, since you can find a surprise: the missing piece.
    Check your clothes: pajamas, sweaters, etc. They usually stick to clothes and without realizing you take them around the house.
  • If you have children or pets .... search among children's toys, their bed, etc. If you have a pet, look in their bed, sometimes they stick to their paws and end up there. Above all, let's hope they haven't eaten it! Our dog Pablito ate a few when he was a puppy!
  • If you have a piece that does not fit in the last space ... check that all the other pieces are in the right place, sometimes we have a piece in the wrong spot and that is why the last one we have left does not fit .
  • Discard that it is a prank of your spouse, siblings, children or someone else (This has the death penalty ...). Sometimes children hide the last piece waiting to place the final piece.
  • Allow a couple of days to give you time to look for it or to show up. You would laugh at the places where I have found them ... between the couch cushions or underneath it, between the sheets, in my pajamas and even in the fridge!


A few days have passed, you have searched all the places that you have been able to and there are no signs of the piece, you can start to consider that you have lost it, or that the puzzle was defective and was incomplete. This last option is unlikely.

Nowadays missing puzzle pieces is unusual due to the production process of the jigsaw puzzles and the quality control they have, but it may happen in some cases.

In these cases, you should contact the puzzle manufacturer. You should keep in mind that many manufacturers change or rotate the patterns of puzzle dye cuts (to vary the cuts, replace patterns, etc.); for this reason they cannot replace parts, and instead some of them send you the complete puzzle.

To request a piece replacement you must know three things:

  • The manufacturer's brand.
  • The data of the puzzle: Full reference number, name of the puzzle (varies by manufacturer).
  • The missing piece. The usual way is to count the number of columns to the missing piece and then the number of rows. The following picture shows how Educa asks us to count the pieces to know which one is missing.


* Picture by Educa

How to contact the puzzle brands


Art Puzzle




  • Email: service@castor.pl


  • Website: https://www.ceaco.com/pages/support 
  • Email: qc@ceaco.com
  • Phone: 617-926-8080
  • To request a replacement of parts must be sent by postal mail: full name, postal address, the white inspection label inside the box (if you have one) and the bar code cut from the side of the box to the following address :
    • Ceaco Quality Control
    • C/O Edaron, Inc
    • 100 Appleton St. 
    • Holyoke, MA 01040
  • It can also be done online, by sending a photo of the barcode and the inspection label, full name and address to the email QC@ceaco.com
  • They don't send pieces, they replace the complete puzzle.


  • Website: https://www.clementoni.com/static/docs/cartolina.pdf
  • In the previous link you can download the form to fill out and it must be sent by mail. The second part of the form shows the addresses to which it should be sent depending on the country from which it is requested.
  • Email: assistenza@clementoni.it
  • They send a new puzzle.


  • Email: hello@cloudberries.co.uk
  • You need to send:
    • The name of the puzzle
    • Your order number and receipt
    • The place you bought it from
    • The barcode from the side of the box
    • Your name and address
  • Website: https://www.cloudberries.co.uk/faqs/#missing





  • Website: https://www.jumbo.eu/en/contact/
  • Mail: customerservice@jumbo.eu 
  • Contact the store where the puzzle was purchased to be replaced because it is incomplete. If not possible, contact customerservice@jumbo.eu saying the name of the puzzle, including the reference number (has 5 digits and is under the logo of Jumbo), the shipping address and copy of the receipt.


    • The clipped UPC barcode and item number must be mailed. If it is in a tin, take a picture of the barcode. In addition, full name, address and a brief description of the problem to the following address:
      • MasterPieces Puzzle Company.
      • Attn: Customer Service
        12475 N. Rancho Vistoso Blvd.
      • Oro Valley, AZ 85755
    • Shipments are only made in the United States.
    • For other countries, return the puzzle to the store where it was purchased.






    • Email: customerservice@sunsout.com
    • Solo sí estas en Estados Unidos y Canada
    • Only if you are in the United States and Canada
    • You must send item number and name of the puzzle, your full name and address, the 6-digit number that begins with "P" or "LP" that is in the box, a small description of what is happening to you and a picture of the puzzle, if you have one The puzzle must have been purchased new and in the last 12 months, include a receipt if you have it.


    • Email: reklamacje@trefl.com


    • Email: info@whitemountainpuzzles.com

    STEP THREE - Don't Lose Hope

    Other options in case you can't order the piece or it cannot be sent to you, are:

    • You can make the missing piece.
    • Use the service of a company that manufactures the missing piece, such as The Jigsaw Puzzle Doctor. They make the piece to march the puzzle, but you have to take into account that they charge a minimum of 14 euros per piece and also the shipping, since it is in the United Kingdom.

    7 Comments on “¿Missing a piece? We can help you”

    1. Dear Sir or Madam.

      I have completed a jigsaw Puzzle by revansburger call the map of the universe.

      The missing piece is in the area call spectra which has the earth in white. 5 rows from the bottom and 4 rows in.

      I do hope that you can help.

      Thank you for your time.

      Yours sincerely

      Ray Lennard

    2. I received a White Mountain Puzzle, SKATING PARTY 1000 PIECES from the Kracker family, Santa Rosa,Ca 95404 for Christmas. I am missing edge pieces. I live alone with no pets and have a huge dining room table to work them. I was very disappointed. Help

    3. Hi! My Trefl “The Wolves” is missing a piece. I have written to them but didn’t get a reply. I am in Canada. Do they have an office in Canada?

    4. I lost my puzzle pieces.
      I took bag#1 on vacation
      I lost it on vacation.
      Can I have it replaced? I would gladly pay for it.
      The puzzle is ” at the Waterhole”
      By Ravensburger.
      Elda G

    5. Hi I have Baugh a lot of your puzzles and out of the last 12 puzzles I perched there were peace’s missing out of them I was wondering if there was something you could do for me maybe send me at least half of the puzzles to replace them please some were 1000 peace’s and the others 500 peace’s I bye at least 3puzzles a week the reason I do that is because I have 3 children and are handycap and they just love doing the puzzles so if there any way you can help please let me know thank you so much. My address is Gabriella Spencer P.O. Box 1504 marystown Newfoundland Canada A0E2M0

      1. Hi Gabriella. I understand you are confused. We do not sell puzzles or are associated with any puzzle store. If you have a problem with puzzles you bought you should get in touch either, with the store who sold them to you or the manufacturer of the puzzles. You can find the info of many puzzle brands ont he article, you should send an email to the. I hope this helps!

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