Best Advent Jigsaw Puzzle Calendars of 2021!

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Best Advent Puzzle Calendar

Best Advent Jigsaw Puzzle Calendars of 2021

November 22, 2021

All I want for Christmas is an advent puzzle calendar, or even better... All of them! What puzzler would not love to have a beautiful tiny puzzle to do each day with holiday motifs and share with your loved ones?

Last year we got one of these, and each day JL and I gathered after dinner to do the puzzle and glue it to finally hang them on our tree. It was a lovely experience that will probably become a tradition in our house. As we were looking for our Advent Calendar for this year, we thought it would be great to share the Best Advent Jigsaw Puzzle Calendars of 2021!

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Last year the Gibsons calendar featured holiday traditions around the world, and in 2021, the Mischieve Puzzle Advent Calendar features animals getting up to Merry Mischief! The beautiful illustrations are from Australian artist Jess Bretherton.

This calendar comes with 22 eighty-piece jigsaw puzzles shaped like stockings, snowmen, Christmas trees, and baubles. It also includes a bottle of puzzle glue and a blue ribbon. All you need to craft your tree decorations.

Last year we tried Gibsons Advent Calendar, and here we are, one year later, waiting for this year's edition to be delivered!


Galison has not one but two advent puzzle calendars! First, the Louise Cunningham Merry and Bright 12 Days of Christmas Calendar, with colorful and fun images. Perfect gift for kids!

The second one is the Michael Storrings 12 Days of Christmas Calendar, with city-themed Christmas illustrations that are more detailed and challenging. If you like more classical images, this one is your Advent Calendar.

Both have twelve 80 piece puzzles with ribbon cut, matte finish, and inserts with full puzzle images.


Eurographics has published its first Advent Puzzle Calendar, Sweet Christmas, with 24 surprise puzzles featuring colorful, holiday-decorated sweets. Each of the puzzles is 50 pieces.

You can find the image of the surprise puzzles by turning around the little box that contains the puzzle. Be sure to have some sweets near in case you crave some of them!


With classical Disney images, the Mickey and Friends Puzzle Advent Calendar is just fantastic. It brings such memories from when I was a kid! It has 25 puzzles, 40 pieces each, with holiday messages and characters like Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto and Donald.


The New York Puzzle Company has released the New Yorker Advent Calendar '21, and it is A-WE-SO-ME!

24 miniature boxes with 100 piece mini puzzles featuring festive, iconic covers from a holiday issue of The New Yorker. These covers are so delightful that anyone would enjoy puzzling them; this is undoubtedly a collectible!


There is also a wooden puzzle advent calendar, "The Reason for the Season" is a 1400 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle made by Liminal Puzzle with art by Debbie Richmond.

24 small squares between 40 to 50 pieces come together for the main image of Santa holding Baby Jesus, plus a wooden frame. The little squares contain about six whimsies.


Not all advent puzzle calendars come in separate 12 or 24 mini-puzzles; we have found two of them that twist this concept, making fun alternatives.


This is Santa's Workshop, a lovely 28 wooden piece puzzle + 24 stand-up characters, so you can place them one by one as Christmas Day arrives. Santas, toys, gifts, and animals are some of the holiday-themed characters you can find in this Christmas puzzle.

As Wentworth's website describes, the ideal range is 3 to 7 years. Even small kids have a unique advent calendar for them!


The Escape Advent Calendar - The Sunken Submarine has been released this year from Ravensburger Escape (or Exit, depending on the country) Collection. It contains a mini-puzzle, 46 clue cards, 14 clue items, a plastic decoder, and glow-in-the-dark paint. All the things you will need to solve this mystery.

You must solve the daily riddles to uncover what happened to this submarine! You can also find in German a Castle Advent Puzzle Calendar and another one for kids.

When I started researching for this post, I thought I would find 5 advent puzzle calendars at most, but I was surprised I found 9 of them. Let's hope next year more brands will have their calendar and that they are available everywhere.

Now, which of these advent puzzle calendars are you getting this Christmas?


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