The 2021 Puzzler’s Gift Guide

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Puzzler's Gift Guide 2021

The 2021 Puzzler’s Gift GuideNovember 27, 2021In EnglishMany times we find ourselves in trouble thinking… And this year, what should I give her/him? What if she already has this puzzle? What new puzzles are there? I have an advantage, Jimena adds many puzzles in her Amazon Wish List every year, or she directly tells me which ones she wants. This … Read More

Best Advent Jigsaw Puzzle Calendars of 2021!

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Best Advent Puzzle Calendar

Best Advent Jigsaw Puzzle Calendars of 2021November 22, 2021En EspañolAll I want for Christmas is an advent puzzle calendar, or even better… All of them! What puzzler would not love to have a beautiful tiny puzzle to do each day with holiday motifs and share with your loved ones? Last year we got one of these, and each day JL … Read More

Active Puzzles Review – The Starry Night

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Active Puzzles Review - Starry Night

PUZZLE REVIEW ACTIVE PUZZLESWe have seen many puzzle brands enter the Spanish market in the last year, and today we bring you one that does wooden puzzles. Their name is Active Puzzles, they are made in Russia, and they have recently opened their warehouse in Orihuela, Alicante. They currently have two art puzzles with modern designs and several very colorful … Read More

Wentworth’s Most Difficult Puzzles

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Wentworth's Most Difficult Puzzles

Wentworth’s Most Difficult PuzzlesSeptember 8, 2021En EspañolHave you ever imagined a Wentworth puzzle without its “Whimsical pieces”? Or maybe your puzzles are finished fast, and you wish they would last longer? Well, all this is possible, Wentworth has a very particular collection … the Puzzles Extra Difíciles. Its name says it all, these are Wentworth’s most difficult puzzles and have … Read More

How Puzzle Michele Wilson does their wooden puzzles

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How does Michele Wilson does their puzzles Thumbnail

How Puzzle Michele Wilson does their wooden puzzlesOctubre 11, 2021 Autor: Jimena G.Ver en EspañolWe have come to Paris for a weekend and on our last day, to say goodbye to this beautiful city, we have been visiting Puzzle Michèle Wilson’s store on Avenida Emile Zola. You cannot imagine how excited we were to come to this store; Michèle Wilson’s … Read More

Our puzzles from the 2nd Quarter of 2020

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21 puzzles from the II Quarter of 2020

Our puzzles from the 2nd quarter of 2020June 20, 2021 Author: Jose Luis RuizThis post comes almost a year late; as is well known, the pandemic has caused great upheaval for many families. It has been challenging to get back to our routine, but here we are, and I hope to catch up soon. For several years we have been … Read More

Out of this World Puzzles

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Out of This World Puzzles

OUT OF THIS WORLD PUZZLESMay 3rd, 2021 Author: Jimena G.You might be wondering if all of the space puzzles are black background pictures of stars and planets, but lately, there is a lot more going on! I won’t lie, there are a few round puzzles about planets, a couple of black background puzzles, but we also bring you art, posters, … Read More

Art & Fable Puzzle Review: Is the “Velvet touch” real?

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PUZZLE REVIEW ART & FABLEI have so much to say about these puzzles, so let’s start. I began this post when I was doing my first ART & FABLE puzzle and now I’ve done three in a very short period.  I was very excited about the velvet touch and had read so many reviews and opinions that I had great expectations – to … Read More

Women Empowerment Puzzles

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Women Empowerment Puzzles

Women Empowerment PuzzlesMarch 8th, 2021 Author: Jimena G.Today we are celebrating March 8 – International Women’s Day, which commemorates on a global level the struggle of women for their place in society, their rights, and equality. Why is it celebrated on March 8? On March 8th, 1857, in the middle of the industrial revolution, textile workers came out to protest … Read More

Year Summary: 2020’s Puzzle Stats

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21-01-04 2020 Puzzle Stats Thumbnail - Year Stats

YEAR SUMMARY: 2020’S PUZZLE STATSJanuary 5, 2021 Author: Jimena G.To start 2021 we wanted to share with you a summary of the year and our puzzle activity. In 2020, we have made 113 puzzles with a total of 101,515 pieces. For 3 years we have been keeping track of our puzzles and we can tell you that this has been … Read More