Active Puzzles Review – The Starry Night

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Active Puzzles Review - Starry Night

PUZZLE REVIEW ACTIVE PUZZLESWe have seen many puzzle brands enter the Spanish market in the last year, and today we bring you one that does wooden puzzles. Their name is Active Puzzles, they are made in Russia, and they have recently opened their warehouse in Orihuela, Alicante. They currently have two art puzzles with modern designs and several very colorful … Read More

Art & Fable Puzzle Review: Is the “Velvet touch” real?

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PUZZLE REVIEW ART & FABLEI have so much to say about these puzzles, so let’s start. I began this post when I was doing my first ART & FABLE puzzle and now I’ve done three in a very short period.  I was very excited about the velvet touch and had read so many reviews and opinions that I had great expectations – to … Read More

Sulo Puzzle’s Invoke Review

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Puzzle Review - Sulo Puzzle - Invoke

PUZZLE REVIEW SULO PUZZLEThere is a new French 🇫🇷 puzzle brand… Sulo Puzzle! And here is a review of one of their puzzles called Invoke. Their motto is to make unique puzzles with responsible resources and in limited editions. Albert Tercero is the author of this illustration that had us thinking the whole time we were doing the puzzle… What … Read More

Cloudberries Rooster Puzzle Review

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Puzzle Review - Cloudberries Puzzle - Rooster - 1000 pieces Thumbnail

PUZZLE REVIEW: CLOUDBERRIESOne of Cloudberries’ latest puzzle – Rooster. First of all… the image is so wonderful, artist Printer Johnson did a splendid job with this beautiful 🐓❗ She uses fun and happy colors in contrast with different patterns at the same time she creates a modern and beautiful rooster. We have been following Cloudberries since their early beginnings and … Read More

Pintoo XS Puzzle Review – City is Landing

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Puzzle Review - Pintoo

PUZZLE REVIEWHave you ever done a plastic puzzle? It’s a completely different experience form usual cardboard jigsaw puzzles! From the sound and touch of the pieces to the click they make when you assemble two pieces. This is a  150 XS piece Pintoo puzzle, called “City is Landing” from Polish artist Jacek Yerka.BoxThe box is made from soft cardboard and … Read More