Pintoo XS Puzzle Review – City is Landing

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Puzzle Review - Pintoo


Have you ever done a plastic puzzle?

It's a completely different experience form usual cardboard jigsaw puzzles! From the sound and touch of the pieces to the click they make when you assemble two pieces.

This is a  150 XS piece Pintoo puzzle, called "City is Landing" from Polish artist Jacek Yerka.


The box is made from soft cardboard and its from a plain green color, all the XS puzzle boxes come in a green color. For identification, it has an extra cardboard cover with the picture and info of the puzzle, that way the boxes are generic for the collection and the puzzle fronts are printed apart.  On the back of the box you have the name of the collection, info on the puzzle materials and the address of Pintoo Company. Also you have a picture of how the puzzle looks with the easel and frame (both included with the puzzle). The size of the box is a little bit wider than the finished puzzle itself, so you can keep it back assembled.

The pieces come in a sealed transparent plastic bag, as well as a brown easel and frame.


They are made of plastic, more specifically polycarbonate and ABS. The plastic is white, so you can see this color on the piece's side and back. 

  • Piece thickness: 1.9 mm
  • Piece size: 11 x 8,5 mm aprox.

The piece thickness is 1.9 mm, and they even give an impression of being thicker because of the tiny size they have.

So far, these are the tiniest puzzle pieces I have ever tried. So you can have an idea, there are two images comparing these pieces to other brands mini-pieces and regular pieces. 


They are laser cut pieces, so the cut is impeccable, there is no puzzle dust and all of the pieces come separated.

The piece fit is excellent, the pieces will only fit on the place they have to, and it is so tight that you can move the puzzle around and it won't fall apart. There is no need to glue Pintoo puzzles in case you want to frame them. Most of the miniature puzzles have a loose fit, but this is the exception!


The image is printed directly on the front of the plastic pieces, and with very good quality and bright colors.

For this mini puzzle, the image is from polish surrealist painter, Jacek Yerka. He has been called "the painter of dreams", for the fantastic places he can take you with his art. 



The image is easy to solve, there is a good contrast between the sky, the ground and the city. Also, it's a 150 piece puzzle, which makes it a lot easier to solve.

The tiny pieces give this puzzle an extra difficulty. They are so small they could fit on a fingertip, making them a bit hard to handle. 


Inside the box, there is a brown plastic easel and frame that will make it easier to display the puzzle, and it gives the puzzle a painting look. 

We have placed it on one of our bookshelves, and it looks awesome!


If you like mini-puzzles... this is a MUST. Most tiny puzzles have a loose fit, but this brand will change your mind!

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