Wentworth’s Most Difficult Puzzles

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Wentworth's Most Difficult Puzzles

Wentworth's Most Difficult Puzzles

September 8, 2021

Have you ever imagined a Wentworth puzzle without its "Whimsical pieces"? Or maybe your puzzles are finished fast, and you wish they would last longer? Well, all this is possible, Wentworth has a very particular collection ... the Puzzles Extra Difíciles.

Its name says it all, these are Wentworth's most difficult puzzles and have been designed for those puzzlers who enjoy wooden jigsaw puzzles and are also looking for a good challenge.

What makes these puzzles extra difficult (as the name implies) is the cutting pattern of the pieces; repetitive tessellating pieces, unique for each puzzle. Based on the image of the puzzle, the shapes of the pieces are chosen. Although the puzzles of this collection don't have Wentworth's traditional "whimsical pieces" (pieces with shapes of objects or characters)... we guarantee that you will not miss them. You will be so entertained solving the puzzle that you will not even notice this.

We recently made the 245-piece “Festival de Cascanueces”, a collage of nutcrackers and a little snowman hiding among them. The pieces were shaped like crowns, canes, and in X. We must say that it was much more complicated than other Wentworth puzzles we have done, but not impossible to discourage us. Jose Luis and I have spent an incredible afternoon with a couple of cups of coffee and this fun puzzle. We have two more puzzles from this collection, one with more pineapples and another that we are reserving for Easter week, with Easter eggs painted in many colors.

There are currently 13 models on their website, and they range from landscapes, animals, and Christmas motifs. This would make a fabulous Christmas present! Some of them can be purchased in 3 different sizes, and some only come in approx. 240-270 pieces, so you have several options to choose from.

We have chosen some of the most striking so that you can see their images, the type of pieces they bring, and how they fit into the puzzle. There is a round mandala with angled pieces, a field of tulips with tulip-shaped pieces, a Van Gogh painting with pieces that form flowers, colored squares with geometric pieces, and I could go on like this until I cover each of the puzzles. I think looking at the images will give you a better idea!

Imagenes from Wentworth's website

Don't hesitate to go to their website and see the complete collection if you like these puzzles. Every time we go to Wentworth's website, we have to go to the Extra Difficult puzzles section as they continually add puzzles, and you will indeed find one that you like.

Would you dare with a Wentworth Extra Difficult puzzle? If you have already tried them… tell us how your experience has been!


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