Art & Fable Puzzle Review: Is the “Velvet touch” real?

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I have so much to say about these puzzles, so let's start. I began this post when I was doing my first ART & FABLE puzzle and now I've done three in a very short period. 

I was very excited about the velvet touch and had read so many reviews and opinions that I had great expectations - to be honest - so let's get on with the review!

Have these puzzles met my expectations?

Is the "velvet touch real"?

I live In Spain, and they have been on the American market for a while, but they were tough to get here. Recently they have opened a UK store, and they will are available to Europe here. Now they've got a distributor for Spain, and we can get them directly in our country! How great is that! You can also find stores that ship them worldwide!

As soon as it was possible... I got my Art & Fable puzzles! Six 500-piece jigsaw puzzles, I am so happy that I already did half of them. Now I'm looking forward to getting the 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles!

But what's most important for today... are these puzzles as soft as they claim?


The puzzle specifications for this 500 piece puzzle are:

  • Brand: Art & Fable
  • Artist: Maria Brzozowska
  • Name: Tale of Two 
  • Pieces: 500
  • Puzzle size: 48 x 34 cm / 18.9" x 13.4"
  • Piece size: 25 x 18 mm
  • Thickness: 1.93 mm

Click on the images to zoom in!


It's such a pleasure when a puzzle comes in a small box (15x11.5x3.3 cm), and even more when it's for sustainable reasons. A&F has selected smaller packages to reduce the carbon footprint, and they also use 100% recycled paper board for both puzzles and boxes.

The box has pictures of the puzzle on the front, back, and three sides. On the back, there is a little background on the artist, the content of the box, and essential info on Art & Fable Company. For every puzzle, A&F destine donations to different organizations, they will go to UNICEF for this puzzle.

Inside the box we can find some lovely extras:

  • A collectible print of the image that would look amazing framed!
  • A resealable bag 
  • a box-top stand - this is my favorite, which I now use to hold most of my puzzle boxes 

An important detail is that the print, box holder, and box have the same soft, velvet touch as the puzzle pieces. 


PIECES - They have a classic ribbon grid. The back is grey, as well as the sides of the pieces. No puzzle dust.

CUT & FIT - The pieces have excellent cut, which allows you to feel the great fit and move sections, and even the whole puzzle, without difficulty. Take a look at the video below. There were no false fits.

FINISH - The pieces have a matte finish, absolutely no glare. They also are laminated with a unique process with gives them the SOFT, VELVETY TOUCH. Make no mistake, they are not velvet, but they DO have a velvety touch. I had never done a puzzle with this kind of touch, they truly are special. And you know what surprised me? Even the box has this feeling


A dreamy scene depicted by Maria Brzozowska with incredible detail in each one of the characters. I personally felt like I was part of the audience in a beautiful show.

Maria Brzozowska is a Turkish illustrator, painter, and storyteller. Featuring imaginary and almost poetic landscapes, she invites us to scape and discover new worlds. Art and Fable has another 500 piece puzzle with her work, called "The birth of a dream".


Medium. The significant number of characters and the color contrast gave an easy start, ending up in the blue sky, which had a bit more difficulty. Not too easy to be done quickly, but not so hard to struggle; perfect for a relaxing afternoon and a cup of coffee.


Art & Fable puzzles are a game- changer!


  • THE VELVET TOUCH IS FOR REAL! and I just can't stop "petting" the pieces. You MUST try this!
  • Small boxes - sustainable and, let's face it - they don't occupy so much space (for puzzle collector like us, this is a-ma-zing)
  • The resealable bag - This is how I always keep my puzzles, so I'm excited someone has heard my pledges.
  • Donations - Art & Fable Puzzle Company is fantastic; they are sustainable and give back to the community. 
  • The box stand - This is so helpful, not only for holding your A&F box but every puzzle box you want!

CONS - Yeah, no puzzle is perfect. Kidding, these aren't really cons, but things I would change.

  • I would stop using the wrapping plastic.
  • I would pack the puzzle in the resealable bag instead of adding it as an extra, reducing the one-use plastic waste. 

We just want to add this top-quality brand with gorgeous artwork and incredible quality that would make any puzzler very happy. We absolutely recommend this brand!


The puzzle was gifted to us by Art & Fable UK.
This is not a sponsored post, and these are our honest opinions.




2 Comments on “Art & Fable Puzzle Review: Is the “Velvet touch” real?”

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