Year Summary: 2020’s Puzzle Stats

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21-01-04 2020 Puzzle Stats Thumbnail - Year Stats

YEAR SUMMARY: 2020’S PUZZLE STATSJanuary 5, 2021 Author: Jimena G.To start 2021 we wanted to share with you a summary of the year and our puzzle activity. In 2020, we have made 113 puzzles with a total of 101,515 pieces. For 3 years we have been keeping track of our puzzles and we can tell you that this has been … Read More

5 Tips for doing your first puzzles

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5 Tips for doing your first puzzles

5 Tips for doing your first puzzlesMayo 5, 2020 Autor: Jimena G.In recent years we have seen how the puzzle hobby is growing little by little, but since the social distancing began … it has exploded. Puzzles are a great way to pass time and they also have multiple benefits for our health. We have received many emails and messages … Read More

10 Surprising Benefits of Doing Jigsaw Puzzles

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10 surprising benefits of doing puzzles

10 Surprising Benefits of Doing PuzzlesApril 13, 2020 Author: Jimena G.When we think of puzzles, we usually think of a hobby, a way to pass time and relax. The truth is that, in addition to having fun for a while, they also have numerous health benefits. From helping children in their skills development, through improving your memory and mood, to … Read More

Control your puzzles, make a Puzzle Inventory!

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Control your puzzles

Control your Puzzles!Update: April 03/2020 Author: Jimena G.Don’t you remember what puzzles you have? Have you ever bought a repeated puzzle? Would you like to know how many puzzles have you made? Or how many do you have pending? Control your puzzles! And the way to do it is with a Puzzle Inventory.The idea came after a couple of times … Read More

The Puzzle Party, more than a book

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La Fiesta del Puzzle Libro - The Puzzle Party book

“La Fiesta del Puzzle” (The Puzzle Party), more than a bookMarch 11, 2020 Author: Jimena G.For several years we have read the ingenious narratives that Alejandro Darias Mateos offers us after each puzzle event he attends. After his surprise return in 2016 to the Spain Puzzle Championship, in which he was part of the Top Ten both individually and in … Read More

¿Missing a piece? We can help you

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Missing a piece?March 2, 2020 Author: Jimena G.En EspañolWhat is the worst thing that can happen to you when you are finishing a jigsaw puzzle? Missing a piece. That feeling between anger, panic, frustration and despair … I’m sure you’ve felt it. The good part is that most of the time the missing pieces show up … Keep calm!FIRST STEP … Read More