New puzzle activity by AEPUZZ – 12 Months – 12 Causes – 12 puzzles

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12 meses - 12 causas - 12 puzzles AEPUZZ

On this occasion we invite you to participate in an annual activity organized by the Spanish Puzzles Association - AEPUZZ, called "12 Months - 12 Causes - 12 Puzzles". Every month a world day of a cause will be chosen to give visibility to it, through the puzzles. For example, this month has been chosen the day July 30 - International Day of Friendship, and the idea is that this day you share puzzles with images of this topic or related to it on social networks.

Each month AEPUZZ members will vote to choose the date of the following month and this will be announced on social networks and the organization's website in advance.

Event calendar:

  • July 2020: July 30 - International Day of Friendship

For more information: AEPUZZ

To enroll in AEPUZZ click here.

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