Our Puzzles from the I Quarter of 2020

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Puzzle I trimestre 2020

Puzzles del I Trimestre del 2020 April 19, 2020 Author: Jose Luis Ruiz As you know, every quarter we tell you what puzzles we have obtained … last quarter it was supremely productive with 53 puzzles (more than usual, hehe) and in this we have obtained 32. There are quite a few special puzzles and that Jimena wanted to incorporate … Read More

IV Quarter of 2019

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2019 IV Quarter's Puzzles

Puzzles of the IV Quarter of 2019 March 23, 2020 Author: Jose Luis Ruiz This quarter we have taken advantage of a few offers and have added 53 puzzles in total. Not bad to end of 2019. There are also several puzzles from contests, trips, samples and Christmas gifts. At this pace, we will have to find a storage room … Read More