The Best Halloween Puzzles 2020

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2020 Best Halloween Puzzles - Blog

The Best Puzzles for Halloween

We are in October and Halloween night is around the corner and there are many jigsaw puzzles perfect for this day, we will share several of them ...

The word Halloween comes from "All Hallow's Eve". It is celebrated on October 31 with costume parties and trick or treat, other customs such as carving pumpkins to what is known as jack-o-lanterns, reading scary stories, watching horror movies, making jokes and scaring friends and family, visit haunted houses, or even make bonfires.

In other countries, the Feast of All Saints is celebrated, mainly in Mexico, where the dead are honored and it takes place on November 1st and 2nd.

We have searched for themed puzzles and here we share some of the best Halloween puzzles!


We start with the Spanish brand Educa, which has these two skull puzzles. The first of 500 pieces, which difficulty consists of the dark background. The other 1000 piece puzzle is from the Neon Fluorescent collection and glows in the dark.


At Eurographics, they have everything from traditional Mexican skulls, through Venetian masks, Halloween desserts, and pets in disguise ... to the beautiful Anne Stokes girls. Eurographics offers us a great variety of puzzles that we can do during Halloween.


Here we have three puzzles from the Exit Puzzles collection, which are based on the Exit Rooms. The image of the puzzle is slightly different from the one on the box and they give you a mystery to solve with several clues that are hidden within the image. Here we have three of these puzzles: The Witch's Kitchen, Curse of the Wolves, and Vampire's Castle. You can also find a puzzle from Disney's movie Coco, which reminds us of All Saints Day. To close with the Ravensburger's Halloween puzzles, we have the Villanous collection. Ursula, Captain Hook, Maleficent are some of the villains that make up this collection.


En esta marca podemos encontrar desde las hadas góticas de Victoria Frances, las películas de Burton, la colección de Inner Mystic... hasta las ilustraciones clásicas de Loup (en su caja triangular), la calavera de colores y la colección de Zozoville. Tienen una gran variedad de imágenes, y seguro que alguna de ellas te gustará! Cual es tu puzzle favorito de Heye?


SunsOut is an American brand that has several Halloween jigsaw puzzles, and here we bring you several of them. Different styles, from cheerful to scary and with different amounts of pieces. You will probably like some of them a lot!

Tell us... Which one is your favorite? What puzzle would you like to see on this list?

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