Quarantine Diary with a Puzzle Addict

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Life With a Puzzler

Day 1 of quarantine

Well, it's the first day of quarantine. We have the little "Coronavirus" running around the world and we just have to stay locked up at home ("come on ... we have are so mad at having to stay home ... hahaha"). And of course, my little puzzle will be dedicated to what she likes the most ... you can imagine it, right?

Me... to the PSP4 of course ... we will see how many days I can endure without being forced to touch a puzzle...

Day 5 of quarantine

At the moment I have managed to escape from touching a puzzle, but the situation is becoming tense ... I am looking and we are running out of tables, it is time to pile them up to have a little space.

Day 7 of quarantine

And the day came ... we have run out of tables... she has puzzles scattered throughout the house. I see myself eating with a napkin on the sofa ... well, until she puts a puzzle there too and I don't know anymore, I'll have to eat on the floor with the dogs.

Day 10 of quarantine

I managed to save a small table in the living room (I had to mark my territory like dogs...). Now it's my turn to look and get her to free up space from other tables and regain ground in the living room. This has begun to be a war game and it is time to go, conquest after conquest. I will tell you how this little conquest progresses...

Day 14 of quarantine

Well, we have declared a truce, I have managed to recover the two small tables in the room (I am proud of my achievement!! hahaha). Now, it's time to fight on other fronts, such as... the web (Yes, this web ...). When they said that wordpress was easy ... I don't know for a NASA engineer, I suppose so ... but damn ... this fails more than a fair shotgun. And best of all, with every update it supposed to fix things ... it makes it worse ... ufff. And if I'm going crazy ... imagine Jimena...

Day 20 of quarantine

We have already been in quarantine for 20 days holding out like champions, a little crazier than before, but fine. In all this time I have discovered the reason why we accumulated so many puzzles ... It was for this quarantine!! I think Jimena is a witch and she knew that this day would come, and thank goodness that we have stock to spare because otherwise... she would have gone crazy (well and I would have gone crazy too).

Day 25 of quarantine

It is starting to feel so long ... but hey, we keep holding on... That is, at the rate that Jimena is doing puzzles ... I don't know if the stock will hold... she does every day a puzzle (and a couple of days I've seen her finish two...). I keep holding on and have managed to not tpuch a puzzle lol (I still play PSP at full speed!). And best of all, I've managed to put up with the invasion of the small tables in the living room! I can't give up territory or show weakness...

Day 30 of quarantine

They call this quarantine, but I'm starting to think they had the wrong word and had to call it eternity!

I had not seen such a parade of puzzles around the house (and that is saying a lot), busy tables, small boards, planks, cardboard, I no longer know where to hide more mounted puzzles. And the best thing... is that she doesn't take them apart because the day is opaque and she can't take a good photo ...

* I will continue to inform you from the trenches

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