Pintoo’s Puzzle Magnet Review

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Review Pintoo Puzzle Magnet



Today we bring a very curious puzzle by PINTOO PUZZLES! For those who don't know this brand, Pintoo pieces are made of plastic and don't need to be glued. This puzzle is from the Puzzle Magnet collection, they have a magnet glued on their back and that you can place on your fridge, metal board, or wherever you want! Each box has 6 puzzles of 16 pieces.


  • Brand: Pintoo Puzzle
  • Collection: Puzzle Magnet
  • Name: European Waterfront
  • Pieces: 6 x 16 pieces
  • Puzzle size: 5.5 x 5.5 cm each puzzle
  • Piece size: 23 x 17.3 mm app.
  • Thickness: 2.07 mm
  • You can find this puzzle in Doctor Panush
  • For more Pintoo puzzles click here.


This collection is packed in a small box (15 x 11.5 x 3.3 cm) with pictures of the puzzles on the front and one side. In the back, you can find info about the puzzle, materials, and place of manufacture. I like that it also names the places of each puzzle.


The pieces are laser cut, so it is excellent. So much, that you don't need to glue these puzzles. In this particular case, you will find 6 magnets with glue on their backs. You can peel the paper and place it on the back of the puzzle and your puzzle magnets are finished and ready to use!

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Pintoo puzzles have a classic ribbon grid, in which pieces will only fit in the place they are supposed to. The back is white, as well as the sides of the pieces. There is no puzzle dust.lic board!


Six mini images of European landscapes that make a perfect match with each other! Bright and beautiful colors and detailed pictures, which makes me want to visit them.


Easy. Each puzzle comes in a separate bag, and once you've done the edges there are only four pieces left. We had a lot of fun putting them together and it took very little time. Perfect for beginners! 😊


I think these puzzles make a perfect gift (Christmas is around the corner) and they are also a beautiful way to decor our fridge, or in our case... a metallic board!


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