The Best Halloween Puzzles 2020

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2020 Best Halloween Puzzles - Blog

The Best Puzzles for HalloweenWe are in October and Halloween night is around the corner and there are many jigsaw puzzles perfect for this day, we will share several of them … The word Halloween comes from “All Hallow’s Eve”. It is celebrated on October 31 with costume parties and trick or treat, other customs such as carving pumpkins to … Read More

Pintoo XS Puzzle Review – City is Landing

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Puzzle Review - Pintoo

PUZZLE REVIEWHave you ever done a plastic puzzle? It’s a completely different experience form usual cardboard jigsaw puzzles! From the sound and touch of the pieces to the click they make when you assemble two pieces. This is a  150 XS piece Pintoo puzzle, called “City is Landing” from Polish artist Jacek Yerka.BoxThe box is made from soft cardboard and … Read More

10 Best Gradient Puzzles

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The 10 Best Gradient Puzzles

10 BEST GRADIENT PUZZLESGradient puzzles are here to stay! For a few years now, we have been seeing more gradient puzzles on the market and many of the puzzle manufacturers are following this trend. Assembling a puzzle with all the colors of the rainbow and different shades of colors is very relaxing and fun. There are gradient puzzle models for … Read More

Would you do a BORDERLESS puzzle and CRAZY Pieces?

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Trefl Puzzle - Crazy Shapes - Colorful Balloons - 600 pieces

Would you do a BORDERLESS puzzle with CRAZY pieces?May 5, 2020 Author: Jimena G.Have you ever thought about a puzzle whose edges were not straight and the pieces were all different and had irregular shapes?Last year the Polish brand Trefl presented a new collection of puzzles called “Crazy Shapes”, which consists of six 600-piece puzzles in which you will not … Read More