Pintoo XS Puzzle Review – City is Landing

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Puzzle Review - Pintoo

PUZZLE REVIEWHave you ever done a plastic puzzle? It’s a completely different experience form usual cardboard jigsaw puzzles! From the sound and touch of the pieces to the click they make when you assemble two pieces. This is a  150 XS piece Pintoo puzzle, called “City is Landing” from Polish artist Jacek Yerka.BoxThe box is made from soft cardboard and … Read More

10 Best Gradient Puzzles

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The 10 Best Gradient Puzzles

10 BEST GRADIENT PUZZLESGradient puzzles are here to stay! For a few years now, we have been seeing more gradient puzzles on the market and many of the puzzle manufacturers are following this trend. Assembling a puzzle with all the colors of the rainbow and different shades of colors is very relaxing and fun. There are gradient puzzle models for … Read More

Would you do a BORDERLESS puzzle and CRAZY Pieces?

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Trefl Puzzle - Crazy Shapes - Colorful Balloons - 600 pieces

Would you do a BORDERLESS puzzle with CRAZY pieces?May 5, 2020 Author: Jimena G.Have you ever thought about a puzzle whose edges were not straight and the pieces were all different and had irregular shapes?Last year the Polish brand Trefl presented a new collection of puzzles called “Crazy Shapes”, which consists of six 600-piece puzzles in which you will not … Read More